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Committee of Management (CoM)


The Committee of Management (CoM)shall have competence and responsibility to draw up the constitution governing the affairs of the Consortium and shall have the competence to draw up guidelines concerning international meetings.

Any amendments to the constitution are subject to the approval of the General Assembly.



The General Assembly shall be the governing body of the Consortium and shall have the following powers :-

a) to determine the general policy of the Consortium as recommended by the CoM or by other members;

b) to ratify membership admissions to take note of resignations and to arbitrate in matters concerning notices of appeal against termination of membership and rejection of admissions.

c) to elect the President, the Vice President, the members of the Executive Council and the Auditors.

d) to receive and adopt

  • the budget and audited accounts presented;
  • the report activities presented by the Executive Council.

e) to determine the annual membership fees and other possible contributions;

f) to deal with all matters not within the power of other bodies of the Consortium.



The General Assembly cannot discuss nor decide on any matters unless double of CoM present or represented. Decision shall be taken by a majority vote of members present. Alternations in the Constitution require a two-third majority of the ordinary members present at the meeting, and for dissolution a majority of two third of the ordinary members present.

  • One-third of CoM is quorum
  • One-fourth AGM of general membership is quorum

Two-thirds votes of quorum is needed for the amendments to be approved.

Voting is by show of hands; it can be secret ballot if a fifth of the members present requests it. In case of voting its, the vote of the President is decisive in case of a tie.



The Executive Council shall be elected by the General Assembly and shall consist of elected representatives who are ordinary members of the Federation.

The Executive Council shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five and above other persons. The Immediate Past President shall be a member ex-officio with full voting rights.


Term of Office

The mandate of members of the Executive Council expires after a period of two years.

Members are eligible for reelection for one more term for the same post or be elected to a different post.



The CoM shall organize its own procedure; its members being elected by the General Membership.

The President shall chair the meetings of the General Assembly and those of the Executive Council.

The President shall also be responsible for convening both bodies.

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